05.12.2018 um 19:00 in Brüssel, L'Horloge du Sud Rue du Trône 141, 1050 Brussels, Belgium Dying for Paradise – Experiences from a rescue mission

Migration is and has been a reality since humankind. Today, war, economic exploitation, climate change and autocratic regimes are sources for people leaving their homes to find a safer and better future. Many routes people take are paved with risks. The deadliest of all: The Central Mediterranean.

Till Rummenhohl, Board Member of the German association of SOS MEDITERRANEE, joined the civilian Search and Rescue (SAR) Team of the Aquarius in summer 2016 in their efforts to search and rescue boats in distress off the Libyan coast in the Central Mediterranean. The experiences onboard of the Aquarius shaped Till for a lifetime.

After returning to Germany, where hate and incomprehension towards refugees and migrants are on the rise among society and politicians, he decided to share his experiences. With his presentations Till grants the public a personal account of civilian search and rescue and aims to contribute to a better understanding of displacement and migration.

Join us for Till’s presentation Dying for Paradise on 5th of December 2018 followed by a discussion.

*No tickets are needed, the presentation will be on the 1st floor above the restaurant.