19. May 2019 Make your city a safe harbour!

Everyone can make their city a “safe harbour”:

You are angry, that human beings die in the Mediterranean on a daily basis? You are angry, that people, who rescued humans out of maritime distress, get criminalized?

Then make your city a safe harbour for refugees and ensure that they can arrive on a safe and legal way in your city. Being a “safe harbour” means to claim safe escape routes, to raise your voice for human rights for everyone, no matter which passport they have or where they come from.

The SEEBRÜCKE wants that everyone, who had to flee their home country gets a place to arrive – a “safe harbour”. We believe, that, when the Federal Republic of Germany ignores their responsiblity, local politics have to get active.

Associate yourself and make your city a safe harbour!

How does this work?

  • Write an open letter to your mayor
  • Start a petition
  • Network with like-minded people
  • Talk to policy-makers and speak with them about your intention
  • Organise a demonstration and show the politicians that the civil society stands behind your claims
  • Bring your claims in the city council and let the politicians decide about your claims. You find the claims of the SEEBRÜCKE here.