Forderungen an Braunschweig

Entschieden Umgesetzt

Public declaration of solidarity

Declare themselves in solidarity with displaced persons and with the objectives of the Seebrücke initiative.

Active support for maritime rescue

Take a public stance against the criminalisation of search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean and actively support these, as well as providing either full or part sponsorship and fi nancial support for a civilian rescue boat.

Admitting more than the quota

Ensure rapid and uncomplicated admission and accommodation of people rescued from distress at sea above and beyond the distribution quota for asylum seekers:  
  • The city / county Braunschweig declare themselves willing to directly receive and accommodate people rescued from distress at sea, for example by a civilian maritime rescue boat, in a way similar to a relocation programme. This admission is in addition to the distribution quota for asylum seekers. An agreement with the Federal Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Offi ce for Migration and Refugees and the respective federal state Lower Saxony is to be established on this matter.

Supporting admission programmes

Lobby the respective federal state Lower Saxony and the Federal Government to establish new programmes for the legal admission of refugees and/or signifi cantly expand existing programmes, and offer additional places in the city or county in support of this:
  • The city / county Braunschweig call upon the government of their respective federal state Lower Saxony to introduce an independent humanitarian admission scheme for refugees as per section 23(1) of the Residence Act (AufenthG) and thus enable refugees to legally enter Germany and remain in the country.
  • •The City / county Braunschweig also call upon the federal state government Lower Saxony and the Federal Government to agree to permanently and reliably higher admission quotas than have previously been in place, within the scope of resettlement as per section 23(4) of the Residence Act and other programmes for the legal admission of refugees. This is the only way Germany can meet its responsibility to prevent people being forced to fl ee using illegal and dangerous channels.
  • •The city / county Braunschweig declare to the federal state Lower Saxony and the Federal Government that they are willing to reliably provide additional places for those arriving in these programmes
  • •In addition, the cities and counties throughout the state advocate the removal of sentence 3 of section 23(1) of the Residence Act, which would dispense with the need for the approval of the Federal Ministry of the Interior when admitting refugees.
  • •The city / county calls for the introduction of an independent rule for admissions by local authorities in accordance with section 23(1) of the Residence Act enabling independent admission by the federal states.

Making sure people settle in to the community

Ensure people settle in well to the community, by providing all resources necessary for humane care, in particular in the areas of housing, medical care and education.

National and European networking

Actively commit to the implementation of the above points at regional, national and European level.

Safe harbour alliance

Get involved in establishing an alliance of all safe harbours in Europe in order to actively shape European migration policy in a way that respects human rights.


Make public all action undertaken to establish the city or county as a safe harbour.

Braunschweig has been a safe harbour since 18.12.2018!

Specifically, the Council adopts the proposal of the parliamentary groups SPD, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Die Linke, BIBS, Gruppe Die Fraktion P2 of 17.12.2018, which states:

  1. The Council appeals to the Federal Government to continue and intensify its efforts to save the people of the Mediterranean and to combat the causes of flight.
  2. In order to also send a clear signal of humanity and openness of our city and its people, the Council declares the city of Braunschweig to be a “safe harbour”.
  3. The active blockade of the work of sea rescue by European states must be stopped immediately.
  4. The European community of states must live up to its responsibility in active sea rescue and must not rely on the work of third parties or accept the death of people.
  5. Irrespective of the various positions on asylum and migration policy represented in this Council, we are clearly committed to the human right to life and physical integrity. To accept isolation and the death of innocent people is not a legitimate political means.
  6. The Braunschweig City Council is prepared to provide refugees with shelter and aid within the framework of local possibilities; this also applies to those in distress at sea. The Federal Government must create clear regulations for the distribution and accommodation of people rescued from distress at sea.