10. August 2019 SEEBRÜCKE demands: Receiving all rescued from the “Open Arms” in Germany

The Spanish rescue ship “Open Arms” rescued 39 more people from distress at sea tonight. This brings the total number of rescued people on board to 160 who are urgently waiting for a safe harbour. Malta is only willing to let the 39 people rescued in Maltese waters go ashore. For the remaining 121 there has been no solution for nine days.

“Malta’s denial of a safe harbour is inhumane and deliberately provokes a serious humanitarian crisis on board the Open Arms, endangering the safety of the ship, its crew and the people rescued. For more than a week, people have been held captive on the ship because, once again, European states have been unable to agree on their admission. “There is no justification for this cynical game on the back of people seeking protection,” said Maileen Hintze of the SEEBRÜCKE.

The SEEBRÜCKE also sees an obligation for Germany to act immediately.

“The Federal Ministry of the Interior must immediately declare that the 121 people can arrive in Germany. A total of 86 municipalities are available as Safe Harbours. No rescued person has to wait on a ship for days or even weeks! No more political games at the cost of human lives. The time to help is now.” demands Hintze from the SEEBRÜCKE.

The SEEBRÜCKE is a broad civil society movement which is committed to civil sea rescue, safe escape routes and the permanent reception of refugees in Germany.

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