14. October 2020 Winter’s coming

Yesterday the first real autumn storm swept over Lesvos and what was expressly warned about already happened: The newly built camp Moria 2.0 is sinking into mud. Whole rows of tents were flooded, water flows under the tarps. Only a few meters away the sea and the permanent threat of a flood. 7,700 people are completely soaked for the second time in one week, just like their belongings.
The rain is still followed by sunshine and during the day the temperatures rise to 20 degrees. But when winter comes thousands will freeze and their clothes will always be damp. Whoever is sick once, has hardly any chance to get well again until spring. The extent of the suffering is hard to imagine if you can always save yourself from the rain and warm up.
The catastrophic conditions in the new camp are not unexpected or surprising. Really everyone must have been aware of what happens when it rains, storms and floods. But these conditions are politically desired, they are part of the system of deterrence, exclusion and control. There will be no humane accommodation for people seeking protection in these camps. Therefore the EU hotspot system should be rejected. The camps on the Aegean islands must be evacuated and closed as soon as possible!