18. February 2020 While minors suffer in Greek camps, care places are available in Germany

“Do you know what children have to do to survive on the streets in Athens,” asks Lora Pappa, founding member and president of the Athens Metadrasi, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to protecting unaccompanied children or children separated from their families when they are fleeing. “They are forced to either sell drugs or prostitute themselves on the streets.” reports RBB.

More than 4000 unaccompanied minors live in Greek camps. There is no place where children and adolescents can live protected, they often live in unofficial camps without access to medical care or education. At the same time, reception facilities in Germany are empty and even have to close.

RBB is reporting: Nuryagdy Rozyyev of the Spree Owl in Berlin has space. But soon he has no time left anymore. “We have already had to close two facilities,” Rozyyev sighs almost with resignation. The owner even had a five-year lease. “At some point we’ll have to ask ourselves what to do with all that space.” Help minors now! We have space: Evacuate instead of ignore!