31. March 2020 We leave a trace – Be part of it!

We leave a trace – #LeaveNoOneBehind
Joint nationwide day of action on April 5th to evacuate the Greek camps

Crowd gatherings are currently irresponsible. But it would be just as irresponsible not to protest in the face of a humanitarian catastrophe that is becoming more and more acute. If we cannot demonstrate together, let us do it one after the other! If we can stand in line at the supermarket checkout two metres apart, then we can do it for solidarity!

In the camps on the Greek islands, more than 40 000 people are still forced to endure catastrophic conditions. The German Government must act now, it must evacuate now! And it can do it: worldwide tens of thousands of German tourists have been brought back by airplane. We demand an evacuation from the Greek islands, because more than 140 safe harbours ready to receive them say: We have room!

Therefore: On Sunday, April 5th, we will set a sign – a sign of our protest in front of the places that have just the possibility to leave the people on the islands to their fate or not. And we will set a sign in public places and say: Here is room! We walk one by one in minute intervals past these places, leaving behind coloured footprints or empty shoes. We cannot be in one place at the same time with many and we will take care of all our health, but we can still show that we are many and leave our traces in public places.

And we say now: We will come and we will come back – until the islands are evacuated. We leave no one behind!