24. February 2020 We demand: Rescue vessels instead of warships

Barbed wire, use of firearms at borders, overcrowded camps, collective deportations and push backs, more than 10,000 Frontex employees, ten thousands of deads in the Mediterranean and the Sahara, the latest idea of a swimming barrier in the Mediterranean Sea – over and over again one keeps wondering how far the EU is willing to push its isolationist policy and how much it’s willing to pay for it.

The EU foreign ministers decided for a EU navy mission for the surveillance of the arms embargo against Libya that is explicitly not supposed to rescue people in distress at sea. To ensure that these navy vessels do not fulfil their duty to rescue people in distress at sea according to international law accidentally, they are supposed to patrol far off the refugee routes and at least 100 km off the Libyan coast. This decision is cynical and deeply inhumane. The smallest common denominator of the EU is to instate a completely inefficient navy mission to control the arms embargo rather than saving human lifes. The isolationist policy is superordinated to peace in Libya and respect of human rights.

A deadly, inhumane asylum and migration policy is never to be acknowledged as normal. Join your local SEEBRÜCKE and work with us on a progressive, human rights based migration policy bottom up!
Europe is responsible to deploy a sea rescue mission and stop the cooperation with the so-called Libyan coast guard.