8. December 2019 United4Rescue – SEEBRÜCKE is in!

You don’t let people drown. Point.

For this reason, the SEEBRÜCKE is part of the action alliance “United4Rescue – Rescue Together”. We support the civilian sea rescue organizations that act where there is no governmental sea rescue.
The Alliance calls upon those responsible in the European community of states:

  1. to respect the right to rescue at sea as part of international law and the right to life as a human right in practice and to implement it again at the borders of Europe.
  2. United4Rescue also opposes the criminalisation of sea rescue services
  3. and calls for fair asylum procedures for people fleeing to Europe.
  4. that those municipalities that have declared themselves “safe havens” should be given the legal means to receive additional refugees. A first project of the alliance plans to send an additional sea rescue ship to the Mediterranean Sea next year.
    We must not get used to drowning people.

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