1. February 2020 United4Rescue is sending a ship!

The moment has come: United4Rescue is sending a ship!
In a covert bidding process for the approximately 60m long discarded research vessel “Poseidon” from Kiel, United4Rescue has been successful. Now the ship is going to the shipyard and will be converted, as it still needs a medical station and RHIBs. As soon as possible the Poseidon will be put into operation by Sea-Watch and start her first rescue mission.
United4Rescue is an alliance founded in 2019 on the initiative of the Evangelical Church of Germany (EKD), which consists of hundreds of civil society actors such as unions, charities, NGOs, church communities, refugee organisations and initiatives.
The last week has shown how urgently ships are needed in the central Mediterranean. Therefore we are looking forward to welcoming another civil rescue ship soon. UNITED4RESCUE!