15. February 2020 UNHCR demans immediate evacuation of families!

The UNHCR demands the “immediate evacuation of families and sick people” from the Moria camp on Lesvos. The UN institution is seriously concerned about limited access to health services and repeatedly calls on the EU to finally respond adequately to the crisis.

The situation on the Greek islands is getting worse every day, with people living in overcrowded camps in inhuman conditions.
Meanwhile, in Germany, dozens of municipalities and towns are offering to receive people from Greek camps. In an act of European solidarity, Germany could now initiate immediate reception from Greek camps, thereby considerably easing the situation on the islands, but the German Government continues to refuse and is thus partly to blame for the inhuman situation and possible further escalation.

We need immediate evacuations and long-lasting solidarity. To use dehumanisation of refugees as a means of deterrence is despicable! We are fighting for a humane policy and the right of local and regional authorities to help when states fail.

Photos: A.Tzortzinis/ AFP & A.Messinis/AFP via Getty Images