14. June 2019 Two-day SEEBRÜCKE Congress in Berlin ends

Lord Mayor Neher wants to welcome the 53 rescued persons on Sea-Watch 3 in Rottenburg + 12 cities previously founded the alliance “Cities of Safe Harbours”.

The two-day congress of the SEEBRÜCKE was held under the patronage of the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, in cooperation with the state capital Potsdam. On the morning of 14 June, the cities of Berlin, Detmold, Freiburg, Flensburg, Greifswald, Hildesheim, Kiel, Krefeld, Marburg, Potsdam, Rostock and Rottenburg am Neckar founded the alliance “Cities of Safe Harbours”. The cities thus confirm their willingness to accept additional refugees from the Mediterranean and are taking the first steps towards implementation.

Lord Mayor Stephan Neher presented the alliance to the public at the SEEBRÜCKE Congress. He then announced that he would like to welcome the 53 people rescued from distress at sea by Sea-Watch 3 to Rottenburg am Neckar on Wednesday.

“The words must be followed by actions. I see it as a humanitarian duty to give the 53 people in Rottenburg a safe harbour. At the SEEBRÜCKE Congress, I and the others from the Cities of Safe Harbours Alliance once again realized that there are ways when the political will is there. That’s why I spontaneously decided to do so,” says Lord Mayor Neher (CDU).

  • © Landeshauptstadt Potsdam/Santiago Engelhardt