23. December 2019 The rescued people on the Ocean Viking need a safe harbour

The rescue ship Ocean Viking has rescued 162 people from distress at sea and has been waiting for a safe harbour for 3 days. A ship is NOT a safe place for people in distress, now a hurricane-like storm with waves of over 6 meters and wind speeds of over 100 km/h is approaching the central Mediterranean Sea. The rescued people need a safe harbour before Christmas! Europe can and must give them shelter as soon as possible!

The Alan Kurdi and the Open Arms, who actually wanted to set off on new rescue missions, had to seek shelter from the heavy storm in Italian ports – the Ocean Viking with rescued people on board cannot do so for political reasons.

Every day longer threatens the crew and the rescued people. We demand that the Ocean Viking is immediately assigned a safe harbour! There are enough receptive cities and communities, Germany and the EU must act NOW. If people are exposed to the weather for a longer period of time, it is a serious threat to their lives. There must be no room for negotiation in emergencies; people must be brought ashore and then received in solidarity.

Therefore become active, talk to your cities and communities, put pressure on your members of parliament, so that these people can be safe before Christmas!