2. January 2020 Thanks for all the support in 2019!

The year 2019 is about to pass. A year in which the EU lets people drown in the Mediterranean and imprison them in Libya. In Greece they are locked up in overcrowded camps, and in the Balkans they are subjected to severe maltreatment.

But there is also resistance! Whether in Greece, Italy, France, Spain or Germany – everywhere the civil society is engaged in helping people during and after their flight.

We as the SEEBRÜCKE are part of a large transnational movement for safe harbours, safe passage and freedom of movement for all people. Since 2018, more than a hundred local groups with thousands of activists have made 130 cities to become safe harbours, they increased pressure, collected donations and did not accept injustice.

Whether pupils, trainees, students, people with or without employment or pensioners – there are hundreds of thousands of people in Germany and the EU who stand up for a real social and ecological change from below.

2020 will be a good year! Because we know that thousands of people will continue to fight for a world in which human rights apply to all people, in which there is affordable housing, in which climate justice is achieved, in which solidarity is actively lived.

For safe passage, for safe harbours!

Foto: Nora Boerding