6. April 2021 Solidary shutdown for everyone!

Immediately shut camps!

We are in the middle of the 3rd wave of the COVID-19 pandemic – with increasing infection numbers. In this situation, we demand to finally start an effective pandemic control following the ZeroCovid strategy.

Since November, the state has been focusing on infection protection measures primarily in the personal life and ignoring the lack of protective measures in the workplace. For migrants in particular, this also means an increased risk of infection, as they are more likely to work in precarious jobs with no or insufficient protection during working hours.

Curfews are also used in many places as a possible infection control measure. Curfews have a racist dimension and increasingly affect people without secure residency status, refugees, Black people, and people of color. They face increased racist police controls. 

We want a different policy against the Corona pandemic: effective, consistent and, above all, in solidarity! We demand a solidary shutdown for ALL people to avoid further infections at work and elsewhere. Everyone must be given the opportunity to protect themselves from further infections! This means that all collective shelters must be closed immediately. People should be accommodated in apartments or temporarily in vacant hotels!
Join Zero Covid’s day of action on 10/04/2021!