12. February 2020 Solidarity with people on the run

Last week, Moroccan citizens Hamza and Mohamed, who are on the run because of their political activities during the Arab Spring, were sentenced to four years in prison in Greece for allegedly “aiding and abetting illegal immigration”. They are accused of “smuggling” themselves, Hamza’s brother Yassine and another person across the Turkish border. In fact, the verdict was relatively mild – the average sentence in such cases is 44 years imprisonment. Often, as in the case of Hamza and Mohamed, witnesses are forced to give testimony under considerable psychological pressure and without the help of an interpreter. The basis of these unbelievably harsh sentences are Greek laws, which state that every driver of a vehicle with the help of which people without valid residence papers enter Greece is a smuggler.
Unfortunately, these people receive far too little attention and solidarity. Often they are arrested immediately after their arrival, disappear unnoticed by the public and are then sentenced in summary proceedings. We state clearly: People like Hamza and Mohamed are people fleeing, not smugglers! The EU accepts the deaths of thousands of people for the sake of isolation and puts countless innocent people behind bars for decades. This inhumane, ruthless policy, which violates both human rights and international law, must come to an end. Join your local SEEBRÜCKE and help us tear down Fortress Europe.