24. March 2020 Solidarity with Mare Liberum!

Mare Liberum is currently prevented by Greek authorities from continuing its important monitoring mission at the Turkish-Greek maritime border north of Lesvos. In this way, the Greek authorities are trying to ensure that there are no civilian observers and no witnesses of human rights violations, push- and pullbacks at sea. Mare Liberum is doing its best to remain active and document the human rights situation – thank you for staying on the scene!

Between the first and the 18th of March, Greece denied at least 625 people arriving on Lesvos the right to apply for asylum. Many of the new arrivals are now forced to live in terrible, unacceptable conditions – some of them far worse than in the camp, as only two tents without showers, toilets or running water are provided for all those who reach the island in March. Furthermore, people are still prevented from talking to journalists, Human Rights Watch reports.

All these measures by the Greek authorities – thanks to EU support – are based on isolation and against any human right. The efforts are only meant to ensure that such information does not get out, instead of helping the people who now need it most.


Photo: Maria Klenner