31. July 2020 Seehofer forbids Berlin to accept persons seeking protection

Seehofer forbids the State of Berlin to accept persons seeking protection from Greek camps, thus preventing necessary humanitarian evacuations. Berlin had issued a reception order weeks ago and asked the German Ministry of the Interior for agreement. Now it has become known that Seehofer refuses to give this consent.

In Greece, thousands of people continue to remain in unworthy conditions, in camps such as Moria there is a lack of sufficient supplies and accommodation, and in Athens many are forced by the police from shelters into homelessness. The situation for people seeking protection remains extremely dramatic and continues to require rapid action to evacuate as many people as possible from these conditions.

According to several legal opinions, federal states have the possibility to initiate an independent admission within the framework of their statehood. In order to maintain federal uniformity, they must seek the agreement of the Minister of the Interior. However, the Minister of the Interior has only limited possibilities to refuse. Nevertheless Seehofer has now done so.

The humanitarian emergency situation requires that Berlin now immediately examine legal steps to enforce their legal right to independent admission. Berlin has space and can help the people. Now the Senate must step in and take action against injustice.