21. September 2019 SEEBRÜCKE is on strike with FridaysForFuture

What a success: On 20 September, 1.4 million people in Germany went on strike for climate justice! The SEEBRÜCKE was in solidarity. In Berlin, for example, activists* from the SEEBRÜCKE and from Ende Gelände blocked main roads to show that we are not letting the Climate Cabinet get away with this disastrous proposals.
In Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart and many other cities the SEEBRÜCKE followed up with a poster campaign during the action week: The climate crisis is a racism crisis!

SEEBRÜCKE is committed to safe escape routes and safe harbours and stands shoulder to shoulder with all those who fight for climate justice.
The perpetrators of the climate crisis in Europe are shutting themselves off and accepting that people die every day in the Mediterranean. The lack of a climate policy is not a coincidence, but a conscious policy of non-action.

The SEEBRÜCKE is confronted with this policy on a daily basis: European politics can more easily imagine the mass extinction of people in the Mediterranean or the greatest extinction of animal species in the history of the earth than a fundamental change in the current economic system.

Yesterday we showed them together: We, civil society, no longer accept this!
Climate justice means international solidarity, safe escape routes and freedom of movement for all!