18. January 2020 SEEBRÜCKE demands: Evacuation of the Libyan camps

Our event with Pro Asyl yesterday on the situation of refugees in Libya has once again made it clear that the “EU-Libya-Deal”, funded with nearly 400 million euros, is a preventable catastrophe and the outcome of the externalisation of EU-borders. Blatant violations of human rights are being accepted in order to achieve the goal of ensuring that as few people as possible reach the European mainland alive. Torture, human trafficking, murder, sexualised violence, forced recruitment – all these are just necessary evils for the EU.

The UNHCR, in charge of protecting refugees, is not able to provide effective protection at all. Instead the UN institution stays politicly silent in the shadow of the national governments. Incidentally it fulfils a fig-leaf function for the European Union, which, after all, finances the so-called Libyan coastguard and the camp system organised by militias and, at the same time, pays large sums of money to the UNHCR – only to then regularly refer to this supposedly generous act of humanitarian aid.

Contrary to what European governments tell us, the disaster in Libya is not a “refugee crisis”. The solutions are available, more than a hundred German and European cities and municipalities are ready to welcome refugees for months now. And the number is growing. We are dealing with a global crisis of solidarity, because the helpfulness of civil society is consistently ignored politically.

On the occasion of the Libya-Conference in Berlin on Sunday, we call for the immediate evacuation of all people from the Libyan camps and an end to the financial and logistical support of the so-called Libyan coast guard, the decriminalisation of civil sea rescue and safe passages!