10. January 2020 Sea-Watch 3 rescues 60 people from distress at sea

Hardly released, already rescuing!
The Sea-Watch 3 has been released a few days ago after being blocked for six month. Today they rescued 60 people from distress at sea. Every rescue is a relief and at the same time a tragic prove for the necessity of civil sea rescue. People are fleeing whether there are rescue ships or not. These 60 people rescued today would have died if the Sea-Watch 3 had remained blocked.
We keep up our support for sea rescue in 2020 and fight for political change. Dozens of German and European cities are willing and prepared to shelter refugees. If the states continue their inhuman policies, the change must come from the bottom.
Join our movement in 2020, get involved in the struggle for sea rescue and communal reception of refugees, for humanitarian change. We all are the SEEBRUECKE.