11. December 2019 Sea-Watch 3 now under German flag

The Sea-Watch 3 has been registered under the German flag since the beginning of December. The reason: The Netherlands, which had previously been the flag state of the ship, did not fulfil its responsibility as a flag state. Instead, they deliberately created a situation that should make further rescue missions impossible.
Haidi Sadik of Sea-Watch said: “The Dutch government has deliberately brought about a situation through official regulations that is supposed to make it impossible to save human lives. Their policy is an attack on people on the run and on all those who show solidarity with them.”
At the moment, however, Sea-Watch 3 is still fixed in Italy. In the coming weeks, a court ruling is expected in Italy in order to be able to return to the search and rescue zone, where there is still a dramatic shortage of rescue workers.
We hope that the Sea-Watch 3 under new flag will soon be able to resume its course towards the central Mediterranean! TOGETHER FOR RESCUE!
Photo: Chris Grodotzki / Sea Watch