20. November 2020 Sea Eye and United 4 Rescue send a new ship

Almost all #rescue ships have been detained and blocked for weeks, and dozens of people are drowning or being taken to #Libya. Now Sea-Eye has announced to equip a new ship together with United4Rescue and send it on a rescue mission as soon as possible.

We are happy that there will be another rescue ship on the lookout to rescue people in distress. The fact that this ship is supported by a large and diverse alliance like United4Rescue is even more important. It shows once again that a large part of civil society wants to help and take in people. Churches, unions, organizations, municipalities, we as a movement and many others are working tirelessly for #searescue.

We must continue to be loud and visible on the streets and organizations like Sea-Eye must continue to send ships into action until safe passage is finally available. Nobody must drown in front of our eyes anymore, nobody must be held in inhuman camps. We want a different, humane and open policy! WE ALL ARE THE SEEBRÜCKE!