14. January 2020 Safe Harbours remain receptive – We must act NOW!

Yesterday together with receptive municipalities we reaffirmed our demand to make municipal reception possible. But the Federal Ministry of the Interior keeps blocking the initiatives of those cities and municipalities which are ready to help.
Meanwhile about 4,000 unaccompanied minors are living under worst conditions in Greek refugee camps and more than 200 people rescued last week must endure on the rescue ships Sea-Watch 3 and Open Arms. A lot of municipalities and cities tell us that they have capacities to help by receiving people directly from the rescue ships or the Greek camps! At the same time there continues to be an enormous willingness to help and the will to actively support these people on the ground.
“We cannot stand by and watch people drown at the border of this Union in the Mediterranean. We must not just watch populists connect – we must connect everyone who wants to save lives,” said Leoluca Orlando, Mayor of Palermo.
As Seebruecke we stand together to make it possible for every person in need of a port of safety to find one. Now other cities and municipalities must join in so that the voice of solidarity can not be ignored. Be part of the movement and convince your city to become a safe harbour by sheltering people in need. Only together we can build up enough pressure from the bottom to change the inhuman politics of the EU.