21. February 2021 Rescues, reparations and wrecks in the Mediterranean Sea

A lot has happened in the central Mediterranean since yesterday. We try to give an overview:

-The Sea-Watch 3 left port for a rescue mission after 7 months of being detained

-The Aita Mari is currently waiting for the assignment of a port of safety with 102 rescued people on board, 46 more people have been helped by the Aita Mari in a 2nd operation

-There was a shipwreck off Lampedusa in which 40 people were rescued, several people are still missing

-over 300 people have been deported back to Libya, more than 2500 have already been deported this year.

These dramatic events remind us that in 2021, the Mediterranean Sea will remain a scene of racist and deadly European migration policies. Civilian sea rescue remains essential to save people from drowning as Europe’s states continue to rely on violent pullbacks by Libyan militias and ignoring distress calls. 

In 2021, we must continue to stand up for sea rescue and safe passage! WE ALL ARE THE SEEBRÜCKE!