4. February 2020 Protest unwanted – Police use tear gas against refugees

More than 19,000 refugees live on the Greek island of Lesvos in the Moria camp and the forests in the neighbouring area. Originally, the camp is intended for a maximum of 3,000 people. The conditions are catastrophic, the supply of medicine, food and even drinking water is inadequate, and the sanitary infrastructure is completely overloaded. Some people live in the camp for years without any real prospects of reaching the European mainland.
There have been repeated protests for years. Today again more than 2,000 people have demonstrated from the camp towards the capital of the island. They protest against their complete withdrawal of rights, the intolerable conditions and the increasingly harsh deportation practice. Many fear to be forced back to Syria, where only last week dozens of civilians were killed in attacks on the city of Idlib and about 650,000 were forced to flee.
Greece and the EU, however, are skilled at brutally suppressing protests by refugees. Also today the police tried to drive the protesters back to the camps with tear gas.
On February 8th we will take to the streets in several cities in Germany and express our solidarity. We demand an end to the blockade by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, so that at least the children and young people can be evacuated from the camps and brought to safety in Germany. There will also be actions in your area.