8. March 2020 On the feminist day of struggle and on every other day: Let’s combine forces!

Today is the feminist day of struggle!

About half of the people that are fleeing worldwide are women. Reasons for their flight are numerous: They flee from political persecution, civil wars, natural disasters, poverty, various forms of violence, e.g. domestic or sexual violence like honour killings, forced abortions, forced marriage, forced sterilisation and (genital) mutilations, suttees or rape. Inter, trans and non binary persons, as well as homo-, bi-, pan- and asexual persons often experience further modes of exclusion and violence. 
Experiences of (sexual) violence often times do not end when leaving one’s homeland. They are also exposed to dangers during and after their flight: Refugee routes are risky and once they arrive in the host country they might become victims of racist violence or might be exposed to further threats in shelters.

For a long time the reasons for flight that affect women, lesbians, inter, non binary and trans persons as well as persons with other gender identities were not acknowledged as such.
Not until 2005 Germany included gender specific and non state persecution as a reason for the grant of protection. However, the practical implementations are facing numerous obstacles. Proofing these reasons is difficult, i.e. due to sexual and gender specific violence predominently occuring in domestic settings or the lack of knowledge about them being a reason for the grant of protection.

The current European asylum policy focuses on the protection against migration movements and contributes to the massive deterioration of FLINT+ persons’ situations.
Still there is a lack of legal accesses that forces people to choose risky refugee routes.

Migration political measures such as the suspension of family reunifications hit women and children in particular since they predominantly use this possibility of migration. In addition FLINT+ persons are forced to initially register in reception centres and community facilities that do not take account of measures specific for the vulnerability of this group (e.g. lockable, gender-segregated sanitary facilities)

We demand: Safe refugee routes instead of isolation, ferries not Frontex! Let’s fight together!