16. September 2020 More than 170 Safe Harbors. Evacuate now!

A week ago, the Moria camp burned down. Since then, the people there have been living on the streets and have even worse access to water, food and medical care than before. It is unimaginable, because even before that the camp, which was designed for about 3000 people, was inhabited by about 13,000 people. Now a camp of tents is already being built again. 

Since last week we have taken to the streets in many cities and demonstrated for the evacuation of the camps at the European external borders. We cannot and will not accept these conditions.

Many cities and municipalities have once again signaled their willingness to welcome them. Over 170 safe harbours are ready and waiting! Evacuate the camps, we have space! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Again this week there will be demonstrations, manifestations and actions – all over Europe! The pressure on the streets is working, come demonstrate with us!
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