28. September 2020 Mare Jonio blocked by italian authorities

Only a week ago the Sea-Watch 4 was blocked by the Italian authorities and now the rescue ship Mare Jonio has also been targeted. With flimsy arguments and obviously politically motivated, civil sea rescue is blocked and criminalized by the authorities. The Mare Jonio is the sixth ship to be blocked by Italy since the beginning of April.

While Sea-Watch 4 and Mare Jonio are blocked, according to Alarm Phone about 200 people have disappeared and drowned in the Mediterranean Sea. The EU, with its repressive isolationist policy and its complete indifference towards the lives of refugees is responsible for the deaths. It is guilty not only of the failure to provide assistance, but rather of active obstruction of those providing assistance. It fights civil sea rescue and pays millions to the so-called Libyan Coast Guard. In 2020 alone, they deported almost 9,000 people to official and unofficial camps. Thousands of people disappear without a trace after these pull-backs – as a new report by Amnesty International confirms again.

This policy is a violent crime and we will continue to oppose it with our vehement and loud protest! Join us, plan actions and demonstrations with us, come with us to the streets. Together for a solidary, humane migration policy.