20. January 2020 Maas demands sea rescue – we demand actions not words

Foreign Minister Maas demands the relaunch of the EU rescue mission SOPHIA. We say: Mr Maas, this must not remain a demand, it must become reality.
At the weekend, the German Government held a conference on Libya to pacify the civil war. Real peace can only be achieved if the EU stops supporting the so-called “Libyan coast guard”, if sea rescue is resumed without compromise and people are evacuated from Libyan torture camps to Europe. The protection of civilians and refugees must be a top priority.
With regard to the refugee camps in Libya, Maas said on ARD television: “I cannot say that I consider the conditions to be inhumane and then a support when people are brought back there.” The only consequence of this statement must be: the immediate termination of support for Libyan militias!
Germany and the EU have lost all credibility in terms of humanitarian action. Real action must follow as soon as possible. Sea rescue now! Accomodation now!

Photo: Neues Deutschland/Fabian Sommer/dpa