19. November 2020 Locked up in the camps

No shower or hygiene facilities, no hot water, hardly any access to electricity, no winterproof tents, no medical care. All this is everyday life in the new Moria 2.0 – and besides there are rules like in prison. In case of violation there is the threat of severe punishment.

Through an anonymous leak of a document of the RIC Camp Management the hard rules for the inhabitants of the camp at Kara Tepe on Lesvos were published.

The people who have to live in the so-called “intermediate camp” Moria 2.0 are only allowed to leave the area between 8 am and 8 pm. But even this is only with restrictions, because of the approximately 7000 refugees who are locked up there, only a maximum of 750 are allowed to leave the area. The problem: There is no adequate medical care in the camp and the food provided is not enough to feed everyone. But due to the limitation of the exits, people cannot provide themselves with the most necessary supplies.

This procedure shows: The authorities are not concerned with helping people seeking protection and providing them with safe shelter. The whole camp is planned from the start in such a way that people are miserable and if they try to alleviate their suffering on their own, they are severely punished.

We continue to demand the immediate evacuation of all camps. If the federal government continues to block admission, the federal states will have to implement their own admission programs and thus offer refugees a perspective in Europe.