18. December 2019 Libyan civil war continues

The civil war in Libya continues, the people who have fled and civilians* suffer most from the bloody fighting – for months already! Now there are reports that the eastern militias under General Haftar (LNA) are planning a new attack on Tripoli. In Tripoli sits the “unity government” supported by the UN and EU. While Haftar’s troops are supported by Egypt and Russia, the Unity Government (GNA) receives support from the EU and Turkey. The UN reports that both sides receive illegal arms supplies from foreign states.

While other states primarily represent power interests in terms of oil and influence, it is the declared goal of the EU to use its support to enforce effective “migration control”. More than 300 million euros, weapons-grade patrol boats and training were delivered to the GNA. The aim: to stop refugees from fleeing to Europe.

Germany is currently working on a diplomatic offensive to settle the fighting in Libya. Such an initiative is not really credible, as Germany also supports the GNA. Haftar has already announced that he will not recognise the results of the German initiative.

Germany and the EU must stop all support for Libyan groups and work for a humanitarian solution for all victims of the war. Thousands of people who have fled and are being held in camps right on the front line must be evacuated immediately.