3. January 2020 Libya is not safe

“We have no safe shelter solutions to offer to refugees and migrants in Libya today. Those who think they can provide such solutions should provide them,” says Vincent Cochetel, UNHCR’s special envoy for the Central Mediterranean situation. With this, a high-ranking UNHCR representative admits that Libya is not safe and that refugees are not safely sheltered there.

In 2019 alone, 61.5 million euros from the EU went to North African countries, especially Libya, for “migration management”. Germany also financed the military mission SOPHIA with 51 million euro, under which Libyan militias also receive training and equipment so that they can intercept and imprison refugees and thus prevent them from fleeing to Europe. Large sums of European money are flowing into a civil war country where militias and major international powers such as Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are fighting for supremacy.

The UNHCR now admits that safe accommodation cannot be provided there. Yesterday, three mortar shells struck near a UNHCR facility in Tripoli, in which 1000 refugees are living. The EU’s policy is only designed to detain refugees in Libya. Our governments are doing their utmost to ensure that no one reaches Europe alive and are not afraid of breaking international law indirectly and sending people to torture camps.

Shame on you, Europe.