25. July 2020 Italy prevents sea rescue – after Sea-Watch 3 now also Ocean Viking confiscated

First the Sea-Watch 3 was detained, now the Ocean Viking is detained, too: again there is no rescue ship in the central Mediterranean.
After an inspection of the ship by the Italian coast guard lasting several hours, several alleged technical and operational deficiencies were discovered which would endanger the safety of the ship as well as the crew and the people rescued.
It is a political move to confiscate the ship only one day after the end of quarantine. An essential justification for the seizure was that the ship carried more people than stated in the certificate for the equipment of cargo ships. To call rescued people “passengers” in this case, however, is cynical and legally questionable.
Italian authorities are looking for flimsy arguments and thus blocking any rescue. The politically motivated persecution of rescue vessels has been ongoing since 2017. Europe is thus no better than dictatorships and authoritarian states that take arbitrary action against unwelcome organisations. As long as people die directly or indirectly through European measures, as long as humanitarian aid workers are persecuted and people are locked up in unworthy camps, the values of the EU are nothing more than an advertising image.