11. March 2020 Humanitarian disaster – the Grand Coalition pro sealing off

After days of negotiations, the Grand Coalition agrees to take up to 1,500 children from the Greek camps in a European action. Germany will take an “appropriate share” of these: Only a few hundred children would actually come to Germany, even though Berlin alone offers up to 2,000 places. Thousands of children are still being held in inhuman camps under the worst conditions. The SPD and the CDU/CSU are selling us this illusion of a “solution” as a humanitarian success. At the same time, the resolution makes it clear where the priority lies: isolation and “order”, humanity exists at best selectively and in homeopathic dosages. This decision is not a success and certainly not a solution – it is a total humanitarian failure on the part of the Federal Government.
In every statement, Greece is assured of support in the deadly sealing off of the border. People who still make it to Europe are denied the right to apply for asylum, are detained and deported in camps near the border in violation of international law. And all this despite the fact that we have broad support, not only in Germany, for humanitarian measures such as immediate evacuations. We have the will, the democratic backing of the local authorities and the capacity to receive all refugees in Greece!
The SPD and the Union have decided in the coalition decision neither to condemn the violation of human rights and international conventions at the EU’s external border nor to decide on serious humanitarian aid for the suffering people in the camps. In doing so, the GroKo reveals its priorities, its misanthropic agenda.
We will not leave this uncommented and will keep up the pressure. We must never remain silent when people are shot at the borders, imprisoned in inhuman camps and human rights and international law are buried!