22. January 2020 Government of North Rhine-Westphalia against reception

At the moment 29 municipalities declared being a safe harbour for refugees in North Rhine-Westphalia. Since the situation in Greek refugee camps on the islands is getting worse, the lack of basic infrastructure and shelter for people in winter time, 16 of the municipalities met last week to discuss the possibilities of evacuating unaccompanied minors to the cities ready for reception. The government of North Rhine-Westphalia was also involved in the meeting.
But now the government of NRW tries to suppress the humanitarian project and is even using the myth of a pull factor, which was disproved over and over, to defame the safe harbours. According to NRW’s “Integration Minister”, giving preference to certain groups would again attract more people to the Mediterranean and expose them to mortal danger. This statement is irritating, not only for the mayor of Krefeld. Right now, we are talking about people inside the Greek refugee camps who already crossed the Mediterranean.
Integration Minister Stamp (FDP) presents the flight across the Mediterranean as a game of chance and the admission of a small number of people as a decisive factor in the final decision. In doing so, he demonstrates a maximum lack of knowledge about the situation of refugees in Libya and about processes of flight in general. The willingness of the safe harbours in NRW and all of Germany to help remains unaffected by this! We will not let ourselves be stopped by blunt statements, reduced arguments and pull-shit myths and continue to make progressive, human rights-based migration policies from below.

Photo: Robin Hammond | Witness Change | Ärzte ohne Grenzen | www.land.nrw