10. December 2019 Germany did not take in any of the refugees of the Sea-Watch 3 until today

In spite of media-friendly promises, the federal government has not yet taken in any of the refugees who were rescued by Sea-Watch 3 in June under Captain Carola Rackete. The Federal Ministry of the Interior had promised its Italian colleagues* to take in up to 14 people. A research of the journalist team “Investigate Europe” shows now: This did not happen; the people live in a southern Italian camp in Crotone under precarious conditions. Since they are not staying in Italy, they live in the transfer area of the camp. As a result, they receive no social benefits and no specialist medical care. They are still wearing the summer clothes they received at Sea-Watch 3.
The transfer area of the Crotone camp was recently occupied by another 50 people. They were rescued in September and October by Ocean Viking of SOS MEDITERRANEE and MSF. Here, too, the German government promised to accept them. But they are waiting too – and nobody knows how long.