30. March 2020 Free El Hiblu 3

Almost exactly one year ago, an inflatable boat with 108 people on board, fleeing Libya, got into distress at sea. The merchant ship El Hiblu 1 saved the people.
By order of European authorities, the crew tried to bring the people back to Libya – to the place from which they were trying to escape. When the rescued people realized this, protest was raised. Together they were able to convince the crew to change course and head for Malta – thus preventing an illegal pushback to the inhuman camps in Libya.
Arriving in Malta, three of the rescued people were arrested as the ringleaders of the protest and accused of terrorism – they were 15, 16 and 19 years old at the time.
In November, the three teenagers were released on bail and since then have had to report to the police daily. It seems that Malta wants to make an example here to prevent other people from resisting pushbacks coordinated by Europe.
Instead of persecuting the “El Hiblu 3”, they should be celebrated like heroes – after all, they saved 108 people from the inhuman situation in the Libyan camps.
We demand that the trial against the “El Hiblu 3” be dismissed immediately!

Illustration: Adrian Pouroviseh