30. January 2020 Fortress Europe 2.0 – Greece wants to use “floating protection systems”

Greece wants to use “floating protection systems” to counter refugees off its coasts. Yesterday, the Greek Ministry of Defence published a call for tenders for the installation of barrier mechanisms in the Aegean Sea, which are to be used in an “emergency” against people seeking protection coming from Turkey. These are to be “barriers or nets” with a length of almost three kilometres, to be installed by the Greek armed forces. The construction project will cost half a million euros – money that could be used for perspectives instead of exclusion, for progressive solutions instead of barriers against people.
The Mediterranean is currently considered the deadliest border in the world. But instead of saving people from drowning or creating legal and safe passages, it seems that the primary goal of European states continues to be the fight against people fleeing – at all costs.

We continue to fight for bridges instead of “defence nets” and walls, for reception instead of isolation and for humanity and solidarity instead of deterrence – until it finally reaches the world of politics!