13. February 2020 Federal Government of Germany ignores catastrophic conditions in Libya

In the Federal Government’s answer to a small parliamentary question on the situation in Libya, published on 10.02.2020, it became clear that the Federal Government categorically refuses to acknowledge the catastrophic conditions in the detention camps as a crisis and continues to pursue its inhuman migration policy.

With this attitude the Federal Government is currently in conflict with the UNHCR. “We are no longer in a position to guarantee minimum security standards for the refugees,” the UNHCR spokesman for Libya told the ARD magazine Panorama. The German government, however, claims that the UNHCR, for the most part, has unlimited access to all official detention camps. Meanwhile, the UNHCR’s Special Envoy for Libya, Vincent Cochetel, describes the situation somewhat differently: “First of all, I have to make many, many calls to get all the permits. (…) The militias only allow me to speak to people who choose them. The guards are by the side, so refugees and migrants often cannot tell the truth, otherwise they will be punished afterwards. Sometimes people disappear. When I ask critical questions, I’m thrown out. We have no translators because they are not allowed there.” The German government and the EU are aware of the human rights situation in Libyan camps, as several published reports have shown. But the EU continues to finance the so-called Libyan coast guard to deport these people to Libyan camps – including this week.
We never stop reminding: the situation in Libya must never be recognised as the new normality!