7. January 2020 Exoneration for the captain of Mission LIFELINE

Justice wins!

Claus-Peter Reisch, the captain of the rescue ship Lifeline, was exonerated today. This is a great victory for sea rescue. Malta accused him and the association Mission Lifeline of having registered the ship incorrectly. They have now been exonerated from this accusation.

We are pleased that the proceedings have finally been brought to an end after 1 1/2 years and that Mission Lifeline can now fully concentrate on sea rescue again. Mission Lifeline has recently announced that it intends to launch new rescue missions with the new ship “Rise Above”.

Nevertheless, there are still ongoing investigations against civilian sea rescuers, e.g. the Iuventa 10, who are threatened with up to 20 years imprisonment if convicted. The fight of European states against civil sea rescue is not over yet, the victory today was only a first victory. As a society, we must continue to stand up with all our strength against Europe’s inhumane policies and take a clear position. We will not let anyone die, whether in the Mediterranean, in Libya, in Greece or anywhere else!
Photo: Thomas Grabka