17. April 2020 EU is watching: 12 people are dead

The Alan Kurdi has been without a port of safety for 11 days, today there is supposed to be a solution at last and the rescued people will be transferred to another ship for quarantine.

At the same time the Aita Mari, a Spanish rescue ship, is waiting with more than 40 rescued people for a port of safety. The ship only left for a rescue operation after European authorities refused to carry out a rescue, even though the emergency at sea was known for hours.

In addition to the boat rescued by the Aita Mari, there were other boats in distress, all of which were not rescued by Maltese and Italian authorities, although their position and condition were known. One boat was eventually illegally returned to Libya from the Maltese rescue zone, according to Alarm Phone. 12 people who were on the boat are dead. The remaining survivors were taken to a Libyan torture camp, where they face severe human rights violations such as torture, murder, rape and forced labour.

Every time one thinks that Europe could not act even more criminally and inhumanely, one is proven wrong. European governments break the law and knowingly allow people to die. We cannot accept this and that is why we are demonstrating loudly for human rights in our online demonstration this weekend! Whether in Greece or in the Mediterranean, every life matters! Join us and be there on 19. April from 16:00 live on the Seebrücke YouTube channel.