28. March 2020 Do not forget the people in the Libyan camps!

Even though we talk a lot about Greece in the context of LeaveNoOneBehind, we must not forget the people in the Libyan camps and the people fleeing the war in Libya.

Despite the Corona catastrophe worldwide, fierce fighting continues in Libya, for example in and around the capital Tripoli. There are repeated reports from the “official” camps that there is too little food, too little water. Even if the coverage becomes less – nothing is good!
On Wednesday the first case of Corona in Libya was confirmed – the people in the camps in Libya are particularly at risk if the virus spreads there.

LeaveNoOneBehind also means not to forget the people in Libya.
LeaveNoOneBehind means not leaving anyone behind.
LeaveNoOneBehind means solidarity with all people.
LeaveNoOneBehind means holding Europe to account and not supporting European isolationist policies.

You too can become active: LeaveNoOneBehind!

Photos: dpa/respons