17. March 2020 Deaths by major fire in Moria

Yesterday there was a big fire in Moria, at least 2 children are reported to have lost their lives in the fire. The fire shows once again that the European camps on the Greek islands are not safe, not for adults and certainly not for children.
For more than a week now, the human right to asylum has been abolished in Greece, and refugees live in a legal vacuum. They are left alone by the state; volunteers cannot replace the absence of state structures. There are no medical structures, no security, no adequate care.
Germany now wants to evacuate 350 girls, the federal government wants to distract from supporting the breaches of law at the border with this ridiculous minimum consensus. CDU and SPD support an inhuman asylum policy and believe that the 350 evacuations will make us forget the 40,000 other people. But we are not doing that, federal states and municipalities must now move forward hand in hand and evacuate people from the camps in a humanitarian act, if necessary without the federal government. In times of Corona it is important to show solidarity and take responsibility in Europe, in Germany and also at the external borders!