11. January 2021 City of Palermo participates in lawsuit against Salvini

During his time in office as Interior Minister, Salvini had, among other things, denied the sea rescue ship Open Arms with dozens of refugees on board entry to a port of safety for almost three weeks. For his inhumane policy, he is now charged with deprivation of liberty and abuse of office. Now Palermo Mayor Leoluca Orlando declared that the city will join the lawsuit against Salvini. 

The legal action and also the solidarity of the city of Palmero is necessary and important: If the politicians of the countries and the EU fail and allow that the rights of people seeking protection are disregarded on a daily basis, it is even more important that cities and municipalities send a clear signal against the deadly policies of sealing off.

We hope that Salvini’s anti-human policy will lead to consequences and call for a shift from the deadly policy of isolation to an open and solidary Europe.