19. January 2020 Cities&federal states ready to accept minors – CDU&SPD blocking solidarity

15 cities and 8 federal states are ready to accept minors from Greece!

We are experiencing an unbelievably high level of sympathy and willingness to help from all over Germany: we receive news almost daily that “safe harbour” cities would also be willing to accept unaccompanied minors from overcrowded Greek camps. But the Federal Government is blocking this readiness as well. The Federal Ministry of the Interior and the CDU/CSU seem to be completely immobile – they do not want to give those seeking protection a way out of this inhuman situation.
The camps are overcrowded, there is hardly any infrastructure and no protection against the freezing cold winter weather. More than 40,000 people are held in these camps, including more than 4,000 unaccompanied minors.
We have room for these minors! We can and want to help, but CDU/CSU and SPD prefer to let them stay in camps – it seems they let them suffer there as a deterrent. Their message: Don’t try to come to Europe, if you do, we will lock you up in camps or let you die on the Mediterranean Sea!
Together with 15 cities and 8 federal states we demand: These minors must be admitted to Germany immediately! Germany must take the lead in Europe and live up to its humanitarian responsibility.