1. February 2020 BMI proposes the general detention of refugees !

While Greece wants to expose refugees to even greater danger by using floating interception nets, Seehofer’s Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) is planning what to do with those people who still make it to the EU alive. In a working paper of 14 November 2019, the BMI, according to an analysis by Pro Asyl, proposes, among other things, the general detention of refugees at the EU’s external borders.The BMI’s proposals mean the complete loss of rights for people fleeing to the EU. In preliminary examinations directly after entry, a decision is to be made on who may continue to travel and file an asylum application and who will be deported immediately. In order to enforce the preliminary examinations throughout the country, “freedom-limiting measures” are to be used. In other words: people would be imprisoned without having committed any crime – because flight is not a crime! Pro Asyl writes: “Detention is one of the strongest interventions of the state into the rights of a human being. The freedom of the person is protected as a fundamental human right according to article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (…)”. Carrying out the preliminary examinations would place a heavy burden on the EU countries with high numbers of arrivals, i.e. precisely those countries which are already unable to take in refugees in accordance with human rights. It is therefore to be expected that people will be deprived of their freedom for a long time while waiting for the preliminary examination, only to end up not even having access to a fair asylum procedure in the sense of the Geneva Refugee Convention.The proposals of the Federal Ministry of the Interior are illegal and inhumane, their implementation would be a further low point in European migration policy. The resistance of the solidary civil society is preprogrammed, because we will not let such an inhuman reform happen without resistance and we will oppose it with our vision of a progressive, humanitarian and solidary migration policy from below! Therefore, come with us to the streets on 8 February and join us in our efforts to get people out of the catastrophic camps in Greece! We have room!