18. November 2020 Berlin is suing!

Today, the Berlin Senate decided to take legal action against the rejection of the regional reception program for refugees from the Greek islands. Many people are still living in Greek camps under the worst conditions; fire, flooding and lack of supplies haunt the refugees. It is urgently necessary to evacuate all people.

But the federal government refuses to provide adequate help to people in need and also prohibits humanitarian aid to more than 200 municipalities and 3 federal states. Therefore it is good that Berlin now wants to enforce the right to independent admission by court. We expect Bremen and Thuringia to follow the Berlin example.

As important as this lawsuit against the injustice of the Federal Ministry of the Interior is – a lawsuit will take a long time. Therefore we continue to demand that the federal government evacuates all people from the Greek camps. It remains a scandal that people in the EU have to live under such conditions, while there is enough helpfulness and capacity in our country to receive these people without any problems. Evacuate the camps and Leave No One Behind!