30. December 2019 Alan Kurdi has a Safe Harbour – Libyans fleeing from civil war

Alan Kurdi has a safe haven!

This morning the rescue ship with 32 people rescued from distress at sea was able to enter a Safe Harbour in Sicily. It is good that the ship was assigned a Safe Harbour relatively quickly this time and that the rescued people could be brought to safety so quickly. Reliable, predictable mechanisms are needed so that the crews of the rescue ships do not have to ask themselves in future whether they are allowed to enter a port and, if so, when.

The 32 people rescued said they were Libyan citizens. In Libya the civil war has taken on new dimensions. Turkey had announced to deploy troops in Libya to support the government in Tripoli against General Haftar. Haftar in turn receives military aid from Russia, Egypt and other states. The civil war becomes more and more a proxy war in which uninvolved civilians and refugees suffer the most.

We continue to demand that European governments immediately stop supporting Libyan militias, that reliable mechanisms be put in place for the allocation of Safe Harbours, and that long-term safe entry routes be made possible.
Photo: Fabian Heinz