11. February 2020 Aita Mari rescues 153 people

Yesterday the Spanish rescue vessel Aita Mari saved 93 from distress at sea. Despite bad weather conditions and troubled waters, people still try to flee from the the civil war country of Libya. Despite the Berlin process for the pacification of Libya, armed conflicts still occur that endanger civilians and refugees in particular.

Alarm Phone reported an additional vessel which could not be found by the Aita Mari. After Alarm Phone reported the incident to European and Libyan officials without any response, the so called Libyan coast guard responded by stating that search and rescue missions could not be conducted due to overcrowded refugee camps.

Financed by Europe, the so called Libyan coast guard’s mission is to retain people fleeing from Libya and abduct them to camps where torture, death and rape is waiting for them. The boat that was in contact with Alarm Phone is lost without a trace. Whether the people on the boat are still in distress or long drown, is unknown.

What we know is that their suffering is the deliberate policy of the European Union. Only civil rescue vessels try to rescue as many people from death as possible.

We will not grow tired of demanding: Reinstate government sea rescue and stop any assistance of the so called Libyan coast guard!